Cloud Painter by Pindar Van Arman

Product Type: Installation Artistic Domain: Visual Art Technology: AI

Can you teach a robot to pain like a child? Using AI to deconstruct his own artistic process and teaching it to painting robots is the attempt at a better understanding of the artist.

AICAN by Ahmed Elgammal [2017]

Product Type: Installation Artistic Domain: Visual Art Technology: AI

AICAN is the first and only AI artist trained on 100,000 of the greatest works in art history. Created by Dr. Ahmed Elgammal, AICAN (AI Creative Adversarial Network) is the first machine generated artist to pass the Turing test.

Sensory Percussion by Tlacael Esparza

Product Type: Tool, Software, Hardware Artistic Domain: Music Technology: Software Design, Computer Programming, Signal/Language Processing

It is a revolutionary music production tool, the ultimate hybrid drum set up, and an electronic drum kit all in one.

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Table Top Opera by Chris Winders

Product Type: Performance Artistic Domain: Multimedia, Music, Film, Visual Art Technology: General

Table Top Opera is a chamber ensemble focused on multimedia projects.

Bach Doodle by Google Magenta & Google PAIR [2019]

Product Type: Composition, Software Artistic Domain: Multimedia, Music Technology: Human-Computer Interaction, AI

An AI powered Doodle that has users create a couple measures of a melody and then machine learning harmonizes the melody in the style of Bach.

Seated Catalog of Feelings by Eric Gunther [2018]

Product Type: Installation Artistic Domain: Multimedia, Audio Technology: Human-Computer Interaction, Vibrotactile, Mixed Reality

This multi-sensory installation uses tactile vibrations and short snippets of text to conjure over 100 sensations, ranging from the familiar to the fantastic: a bag of microwave popcorn, falling backward into a tub of jello, riding a seesaw alone, making love to a snail on a bicycle seat, a bouncy ball on pavement.

Jet Pack by Oswald Berthold [2019]

Product Type: Hardware Artistic Domain: Audio, Visual Art, General Technology: AI, Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction

A robotics company that makes robots for play, music, and research. Your next pet is a robot.


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