Kachina Studer

Kachina Studer

Role: Vice President of Products & Instructor Employer: XR Terra

Formerly an Augmented & Virtual Reality UX | UI Strategist and Director at Arrowstreet architectural firm, Kachina is now a VP of Products at XR Terra focusing on providing industry-driven training program with the goal to graduate market-competitive XR talent.

Kachina Studer is a Augmented & Virtual Reality UX | UI Strategist and Director at Arrowstreet, a Boston-based architecture and design firm, and associate researcher at Harvard and MIT. With 15 years of work dedicated to the design field and experience in Unity Development for flexible environments, she led the Mixed Reality Research for AIR [Arrowstreet’s Innovation + Research Lab]. Her work focuses on the nexus of mixed reality and architectural domains and the future of design practices. She is an Award-winning producer in visual media, and virtual reality content. As a speaker she engages with professionals to communicate the importance of design thinking for Mixed Reality environments. She has been a special guest speaker nationwide at MIT, Harvard, Berklee College of Music, NYU, Boston University, Venture Cafe, and several other organizations with a focus on virtual reality, arts and education, and is a founding member of the Augmented Reality conference, AR in Action.

Areas of Focus: Education, Visual Art, Virtual Reality

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